Alycat Meet
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Registered to Killeen Hobby Center Raceway

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fastest Times of Day

4wd SC
Name Status Fastest Lap
Cole Charanza 13.493
Joe Charanza 13.732
Lawrence Remick 13.979
Steve Whiting 14.487
Larry Femrite 17.197
Molly Charanza 18.341
2wd SC Mod
Name Status Fastest Lap
John Claridge 0.311
Adam Sippel 5.822
Mike McDougal 5.867
Troy Alford 5.886
Earl Baxter 6.021
Ed Nastasi 6.025
Billy Bachmayer 6.224
John Femrite 6.318
Curtis Nichols 6.331
Paul Van 6.393
Thom Conley 6.426
Mid West Mod
Name Status Fastest Lap
John Claridge 4.499
Mike McDougal 6.097
Adam Sippel 6.189
Ed Nastasi 6.291
Wayne Kaiser 6.411
Billy Bachmayer 6.444
Curtis Nichols 6.530
Thom Conley 6.805
Outlaw EDM
Name Status Fastest Lap
Mike McDougal 5.957
Chris Fabian 6.152
Wayne Kaiser 6.190
Troy Alford 6.217
Paul Van 6.245
Steve Whiting 6.334
John Femrite 6.607
Larry Femrite 6.666
Shawn Turner 6.668
Sprint Car
Name Status Fastest Lap
Troy Alford 5.763
Tim Smiley 5.806
Adam Sippel 5.840
Earl Baxter 5.842
Mike Pryor 5.869
Michael Alford 5.872
Steve Whiting 5.918
Mike McDougal 6.013
Billy Bachmayer 6.079
Wayne Kaiser 6.102
Curtis Nichols 6.179
Street Stock
Name Status Fastest Lap
Earl Baxter 6.251
Ed Nastasi 6.455
Gage Fuller 6.520
Paul Van 6.561
John Femrite 6.634
Shawn Turner 6.747
Cole Charanza 6.752
Joe Charanza 6.955
Larry Femrite 7.316
Molly Charanza 7.443
4wd SC (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Cole Charanza 21/5m8.704s
Joe Charanza 20/5m1.034s
Lawrence Remick 20/5m9.783s
Steve Whiting 18/5m8.252s
Larry Femrite 15/5m9.194s
Molly Charanza 14/5m13.934s
2wd SC Mod (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Earl Baxter 48/5m1.301s
Mike McDougal 48/5m1.413s
Adam Sippel 47/5m3.334s
John Claridge 47/5m5.923s
Ed Nastasi 46/5m2.941s
Troy Alford 44/5m1.551s
Billy Bachmayer 44/5m5.121s
Curtis Nichols 44/5m7.205s
Paul Van 42/5m5.849s
John Femrite 41/4m59.885s
Thom Conley 40/5m0.054s
Mid West Mod (4 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Mike McDougal 38/4m5.966s
Ed Nastasi 36/4m3.779s
John Claridge 36/4m4.908s
Adam Sippel 36/4m5.348s
Billy Bachmayer 35/4m3.185s
Wayne Kaiser 34/4m0.635s
Curtis Nichols 32/4m5.932s
Thom Conley 31/4m4.815s
Outlaw EDM (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Troy Alford 44/5m2.286s
Chris Fabian 44/5m3.364s
Wayne Kaiser 43/5m2.276s
John Femrite 41/5m2.084s
Shawn Turner 41/5m2.875s
Paul Van 40/5m4.587s
Steve Whiting 39/5m5.282s
Larry Femrite 34/5m0.176s
Mike McDougal 22/2m35.732s
Sprint Car (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Tim Smiley 50/5m5.566s
Earl Baxter 48/5m0.323s
Troy Alford 47/5m1.113s
Michael Alford 47/5m3.063s
Adam Sippel 47/5m4.789s
Mike Pryor 47/5m5.182s
Wayne Kaiser 46/5m1.338s
Steve Whiting 45/4m58.822s
Billy Bachmayer 45/5m0.992s
Curtis Nichols 44/5m0.334s
Mike McDougal 44/5m2.499s
Street Stock (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Ed Nastasi 43/5m1.528s
Paul Van 43/5m2.162s
Earl Baxter 42/5m7.637s
Gage Fuller 41/5m4.595s
Cole Charanza 38/5m3.468s
John Femrite 38/5m6.605s
Joe Charanza 37/5m5.904s
Shawn Turner 35/5m2.480s
Larry Femrite 35/5m7.484s
Molly Charanza 34/5m9.278s

Results of All Rounds
4wd SC
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Lawrence Remick (Q3) 20/5m13.312s 20/5m9.783s 20/5m14.429s
2nd Cole Charanza (TQ) 21/5m8.704s 20/5m5.603s 19/5m7.062s
3rd Steve Whiting (Q4) 18/5m8.252s 17/5m6.540s 16/5m0.309s
4th Larry Femrite (Q5) 15/5m9.194s 15/5m18.251s 14/5m3.191s
5th Molly Charanza (Q6) 13/5m2.634s 14/5m21.856s 14/5m13.934s
6th Joe Charanza (Q2) 20/5m13.755s 20/5m1.034s 9/5m3.573s
2wd SC Mod A
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Earl Baxter (TQ) 48/5m4.223s 47/5m2.073s 48/5m1.301s
2nd Mike McDougal (Q2) 47/5m2.059s 48/5m4.794s 48/5m1.413s
3rd Adam Sippel (Q3) 0/0m0.000s 47/5m3.334s 45/5m4.073s
4th John Claridge (Q4) 44/5m3.858s 47/5m5.923s 45/5m5.144s
5th Ed Nastasi (Q5) 21/2m19.026s 46/5m2.941s 42/5m4.425s
6th Paul Van (Q10) 41/5m3.108s 41/5m1.135s 42/5m5.849s
7th Billy Bachmayer (Q9) 39/5m6.140s 41/5m0.054s 38/5m9.278s
DNS Troy Alford (Q6) 44/5m1.551s 33/3m42.613s 0/0m0.000s
DNS John Femrite (Q8) 41/5m3.646s 41/4m59.885s DNS
DNS Thom Conley (Q11) 40/5m2.337s 40/5m0.054s DNS
2wd SC Mod B
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Billy Bachmayer (Q9) 39/5m6.140s 41/5m0.054s 44/5m5.121s
2nd Paul Van (Q10) 41/5m3.108s 41/5m1.135s 42/5m10.583s
3rd John Femrite (Q8) 41/5m3.646s 41/4m59.885s 41/5m11.347s
4th Thom Conley (Q11) 40/5m2.337s 40/5m0.054s 40/5m0.357s
5th Curtis Nichols (Q7) 43/5m1.737s 44/5m7.205s 21/2m39.556s
Mid West Mod
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Mike McDougal (Q2) 33/4m2.276s 36/4m4.092s 38/4m5.966s
2nd Adam Sippel (Q5) 0/0m0.000s 34/4m1.725s 36/4m5.348s
3rd Ed Nastasi (TQ) 26/4m7.254s 36/4m3.779s 36/4m5.628s
4th Billy Bachmayer (Q6) 33/4m5.671s 3/0m26.658s 35/4m3.185s
5th Wayne Kaiser (Q4) 33/4m5.028s 34/4m0.635s 34/4m4.554s
6th Curtis Nichols (Q8) 30/4m0.658s 29/4m0.467s 32/4m5.932s
7th Thom Conley (Q7) 23/4m3.911s 31/4m4.815s 30/4m8.733s
8th John Claridge (Q3) 33/4m2.940s 36/4m4.908s 3/0m23.318s
Outlaw EDM
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Chris Fabian (Q2) 44/5m6.821s 44/5m3.364s 44/5m4.667s
2nd Wayne Kaiser (Q3) 43/5m2.276s 43/5m3.767s 42/5m4.524s
3rd John Femrite (Q4) 26/3m26.742s 41/5m2.084s 39/5m0.731s
4th Paul Van (Q6) 40/5m11.225s 40/5m4.587s 39/5m6.613s
5th Shawn Turner (Q5) 23/5m5.983s 41/5m2.875s 38/5m2.279s
6th Larry Femrite (Q8) 31/5m3.593s 34/5m0.176s 31/5m3.532s
7th Mike McDougal (Q9) 6/0m40.488s 17/1m52.553s 22/2m35.732s
8th Troy Alford (TQ) 43/5m2.424s 44/5m2.286s 17/1m55.582s
9th Steve Whiting (Q7) 39/5m5.282s 0/0m0.000s 3/0m27.077s
Sprint Car A
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Tim Smiley (TQ) 47/5m3.700s 47/5m0.208s 50/5m5.566s
2nd Earl Baxter (Q8) 44/5m1.522s 45/5m3.053s 48/5m0.323s
3rd Michael Alford (Q5) 28/5m2.940s 46/5m5.298s 47/5m3.063s
4th Mike Pryor (Q6) 45/5m0.408s 46/5m6.608s 47/5m5.182s
5th Wayne Kaiser (Q4) 45/5m7.040s 46/5m1.338s 44/5m4.582s
6th Steve Whiting (Q11) 41/5m3.815s 5/0m37.765s 41/5m1.438s
7th Troy Alford (Q2) 47/5m1.113s 46/5m2.516s 7/1m26.194s
8th Adam Sippel (Q3) 47/5m4.789s 46/5m3.069s 3/0m27.531s
DNS Billy Bachmayer (Q7) 45/5m0.992s 38/5m4.666s DNS
DNS Mike McDougal (Q10) 0/0m0.000s 44/5m2.499s DNS
Sprint Car B
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Earl Baxter (Q8) 44/5m1.522s 45/5m3.053s 47/5m3.298s
2nd Steve Whiting (Q11) 41/5m3.815s 5/0m37.765s 45/4m58.822s
3rd Billy Bachmayer (Q7) 45/5m0.992s 38/5m4.666s 30/3m26.440s
4th Mike McDougal (Q10) 0/0m0.000s 44/5m2.499s 27/5m1.779s
5th Curtis Nichols (Q9) 0/0m0.000s 44/5m0.334s 15/2m8.550s
Street Stock
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Ed Nastasi (TQ) 41/5m5.330s 40/5m1.982s 43/5m1.528s
2nd Paul Van (Q3) 38/5m0.413s 39/5m9.781s 43/5m2.162s
3rd Earl Baxter (Q2) 39/5m0.208s 17/2m47.941s 42/5m7.637s
4th Gage Fuller (Q7) 36/5m1.972s 33/5m2.397s 41/5m4.595s
5th Larry Femrite (Q9) 29/5m0.055s 34/5m6.075s 35/5m7.484s
6th Shawn Turner (Q8) 35/5m2.480s 33/5m8.936s 34/5m6.988s
7th John Femrite (Q5) 36/5m2.498s 38/5m6.605s 3/0m26.682s
DNS Molly Charanza (Q10) 34/5m9.278s 33/5m1.389s 0/0m0.000s
DNS Joe Charanza (Q6) 37/5m5.904s 37/5m7.361s 0/0m0.000s
DNS Cole Charanza (Q4) 38/5m7.063s 38/5m3.468s 0/0m0.000s