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Registered to Killeen Hobby Center Raceway

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fastest Times of Day

4wd SC
Name Status Fastest Lap
Geron Catchings 12.018
Cole Charanza 13.769
Adrian Catchings 13.822
Joe Charanza 13.964
Lawrence Remick 14.439
Steve Whiting 14.523
Larry Femrite 15.752
Dan Juracek 17.130
Mike Harrison 18.098
Ryan Harrison 20.798
2wd SC Mod
Name Status Fastest Lap
Adam Sippel 5.931
Mike McDougal 6.004
Thom Conley 6.195
Paul Van 6.268
John Femrite 6.269
Billy Bachmayer 6.384
Mid West Mod
Name Status Fastest Lap
Mike McDougal 0.979
Adam Sippel 6.052
Lawrence Remick 6.229
Billy Bachmayer 6.266
Tom Cheek 6.326
Curtis Nichols 6.336
Wayne Kaiser 6.340
Thom Conley 6.722
Outlaw EDM
Name Status Fastest Lap
John Femrite 4.366
Mike McDougal 6.001
Chris Fabian 6.216
Wayne Kaiser 6.301
Paul Van 6.334
Shawn Turner 6.505
Don Mondrik 6.599
Larry Femrite 6.675
Sprint Car
Name Status Fastest Lap
Mike McDougal 5.792
Adam Sippel 5.799
Tim Smiley 5.805
Adrian Catchings 5.869
Billy Bachmayer 5.989
Wayne Kaiser 6.091
Mike Pryor 6.121
Curtis Nichols 6.121
Steve Whiting 6.158
Street Stock
Name Status Fastest Lap
Shawn Turner 5.947
Cole Charanza 6.438
Paul Van 6.482
John Femrite 6.496
Caden Turner 6.654
Joe Charanza 6.672
Don Mondrik 6.793
Larry Femrite 6.924
4wd SC (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Geron Catchings 20/5m1.545s
Cole Charanza 20/5m2.823s
Adrian Catchings 20/5m10.833s
Joe Charanza 20/5m12.230s
Lawrence Remick 19/5m1.573s
Steve Whiting 18/5m4.980s
Larry Femrite 16/5m18.635s
Dan Juracek 15/5m23.186s
Ryan Harrison 10/4m52.878s
Mike Harrison 2/1m23.342s
2wd SC Mod (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Adam Sippel 48/5m4.772s
Mike McDougal 47/5m0.765s
John Femrite 45/5m2.140s
Paul Van 44/5m2.153s
Thom Conley 41/5m4.788s
Billy Bachmayer 24/2m54.370s
Mid West Mod (4 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Mike McDougal 38/4m4.345s
Adam Sippel 37/4m1.194s
Lawrence Remick 37/4m4.763s
Wayne Kaiser 36/4m3.091s
Billy Bachmayer 35/4m4.368s
Tom Cheek 35/4m6.315s
Curtis Nichols 34/4m1.950s
Thom Conley 29/4m20.724s
Outlaw EDM (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Mike McDougal 45/5m2.450s
Wayne Kaiser 43/5m3.872s
Chris Fabian 42/5m1.011s
Paul Van 42/5m3.415s
John Femrite 42/5m15.368s
Shawn Turner 39/5m9.243s
Don Mondrik 39/5m16.995s
Larry Femrite 37/5m1.017s
Sprint Car (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Tim Smiley 48/5m1.874s
Adam Sippel 47/5m5.441s
Adrian Catchings 45/5m1.825s
Mike McDougal 45/5m4.753s
Mike Pryor 45/5m5.996s
Curtis Nichols 43/5m1.059s
Steve Whiting 43/5m4.819s
Wayne Kaiser 43/5m6.388s
Billy Bachmayer 35/5m2.862s
Street Stock (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Cole Charanza 42/5m8.938s
Don Mondrik 39/5m0.795s
Joe Charanza 39/5m2.411s
Paul Van 38/5m13.988s
Shawn Turner 37/5m3.845s
John Femrite 35/5m7.927s
Caden Turner 35/5m15.158s
Larry Femrite 34/5m10.444s

Results of All Rounds
4wd SC
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Cole Charanza (Q2) 19/5m9.854s 20/5m11.854s 20/5m2.823s
2nd Adrian Catchings (Q4) 20/5m14.440s 19/5m5.993s 20/5m10.833s
3rd Geron Catchings (TQ) 19/5m4.676s 20/5m1.545s 20/5m19.915s
4th Joe Charanza (Q3) DNS 20/5m12.230s 19/5m9.789s
5th Steve Whiting (Q6) 17/5m10.597s 17/5m13.587s 18/5m4.980s
6th Larry Femrite (Q8) 4/4m30.953s 14/5m5.769s 16/5m18.635s
7th Dan Juracek (Q7) 15/5m23.186s 14/5m12.618s 14/5m11.161s (DPS=Disq)
8th Lawrence Remick (Q5) 19/5m1.573s 19/5m10.460s 14/5m20.166s
9th Ryan Harrison (Q9) 10/4m52.878s 10/5m16.691s 9/5m18.593s
DNS Mike Harrison (Q10) 2/1m23.342s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s
2wd SC Mod
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Adam Sippel (TQ) 48/5m4.772s 47/5m2.752s 47/5m6.056s
2nd Mike McDougal (Q2) 47/5m0.765s 47/5m2.473s 46/5m2.716s
3rd John Femrite (Q3) 43/5m5.525s 45/5m2.140s 43/5m5.408s
4th Paul Van (Q4) 42/5m3.577s 44/5m2.153s 43/5m5.528s
5th Thom Conley (Q5) 39/5m2.936s 38/5m0.387s 41/5m4.788s
6th Billy Bachmayer (Q6) DNS DNS 24/2m54.370s
Mid West Mod
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Adam Sippel (Q2) 37/4m1.194s 37/4m3.043s 36/4m2.207s
2nd Mike McDougal (TQ) 38/4m4.345s 37/4m2.209s 36/4m5.656s
3rd Lawrence Remick (Q3) 37/4m5.221s 37/4m4.763s 35/4m1.724s
4th Billy Bachmayer (Q8) DNS DNS 35/4m4.368s
5th Wayne Kaiser (Q4) 36/4m3.091s 33/4m0.976s 34/4m7.535s
6th Curtis Nichols (Q6) 33/4m0.204s 34/4m1.950s 32/4m6.509s
7th Thom Conley (Q7) 28/4m6.417s 29/4m20.724s 28/4m7.148s
8th Tom Cheek (Q5) 32/4m0.061s 35/4m6.315s 14/2m29.027s
Outlaw EDM
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Chris Fabian (Q9) DNS DNS 42/5m1.011s
2nd Wayne Kaiser (Q2) 42/5m1.967s 43/5m3.872s 40/5m0.680s
3rd Mike McDougal (TQ) 45/5m2.450s 38/4m36.134s 38/4m31.331s
4th Paul Van (Q3) 41/5m2.915s 42/5m3.415s 38/5m0.440s
5th Don Mondrik (Q6) 38/5m2.034s 39/5m16.995s 36/5m4.736s
6th John Femrite (Q4) 41/5m6.765s 42/5m15.368s 34/5m2.360s
7th Shawn Turner (Q5) 39/5m9.243s 36/5m4.449s 32/5m5.334s
8th Larry Femrite (Q7) 37/5m1.017s 33/5m18.587s 32/5m7.004s
DNS Mike Harrison (Q8) 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s
Sprint Car
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Tim Smiley (TQ) 47/5m1.975s 45/5m4.478s 48/5m1.874s
2nd Adam Sippel (Q2) 42/5m4.101s 46/5m6.554s 47/5m5.441s
3rd Adrian Catchings (Q3) 45/5m1.825s 41/5m1.806s 45/5m6.384s
4th Mike Pryor (Q5) 45/5m5.996s 26/3m12.730s 43/5m2.534s
5th Wayne Kaiser (Q8) 28/3m13.161s 43/5m6.388s 40/5m8.797s
6th Billy Bachmayer (Q9) DNS DNS 35/5m2.862s
7th Mike McDougal (Q4) 29/5m9.618s 45/5m4.753s 17/5m15.111s
8th Steve Whiting (Q7) 43/5m4.819s 40/5m8.646s 10/2m53.429s
DNS Curtis Nichols (Q6) 43/5m1.059s 32/4m49.356s 0/0m0.000s
Street Stock
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main
1st Cole Charanza (TQ) 41/5m0.647s 41/5m2.778s 42/5m8.938s
2nd Joe Charanza (Q5) DNS 37/5m4.659s 39/5m2.411s
3rd Don Mondrik (Q2) 38/5m6.012s 39/5m0.795s 38/5m9.649s
4th Shawn Turner (Q4) 22/5m21.814s 37/5m3.845s 36/5m16.771s
5th Larry Femrite (Q8) 28/5m8.465s 34/5m10.444s 33/5m5.775s
6th Caden Turner (Q7) 29/5m24.993s 35/5m15.158s 29/4m17.356s
7th Paul Van (Q3) 10/1m40.749s 38/5m13.988s 29/5m2.066s
8th John Femrite (Q6) 34/5m0.881s 35/5m7.927s 29/5m11.765s