Alycat Meet
Alycat - Meet Summary
Registered to Hobby Center Raceway, Killeen

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fastest Times of Day

Name ID# Fastest Lap
Ricky Miller 14.15
Tom Shuttleworth 14.889
Mark Kasier 15.082
Moe Chevarie 15.562
Curtis Nichols 15.861
Richard Kahuna 16.226
Paul Van 16.932
Outlaw EDM
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Adrian Catchings 6.078
Steven Frew 6.157
Lawrence Remick 6.187
Wayne Kaiser 6.31
Slash 4wd
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Ricky Miller 14.898
Richard Kahuna 15.534
Tom Shuttleworth 15.625
Lawrence Remick 15.656
Spec Oval
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Tom Cheek 6.243
Curtis Nichols 6.543
Wayne Kaiser 6.581
Tom Shuttleworth 6.66
Steven Frew 6.699
Paul Van 7.019
Shirley Anderson 7.06
Slash (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Mark Kasier 19/5m5.371s
Moe Chevarie 18/5m14.498s
Ricky Miller 18/5m17.990s
Tom Shuttleworth 17/5m0.280s
Richard Kahuna 17/5m9.465s
Curtis Nichols 17/5m12.647s
Paul Van 17/5m15.131s
Outlaw EDM (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Adrian Catchings 46/5m0.264s
Lawrence Remick 46/5m4.897s
Wayne Kaiser 45/5m4.030s
Steven Frew 42/5m2.059s
Slash 4wd (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Ricky Miller 19/5m8.721s
Tom Shuttleworth 19/5m15.990s
Richard Kahuna 18/5m0.784s
Lawrence Remick 18/5m3.963s
Spec Oval (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Tom Cheek 44/5m3.403s
Tom Shuttleworth 42/5m0.802s
Wayne Kaiser 42/5m2.897s
Steven Frew 41/5m0.374s
Curtis Nichols 41/5m7.364s
Paul Van 40/5m4.674s
Shirley Anderson 36/5m2.681s

Results of All Rounds
Pos Name ID# Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Mark Kasier (TQ) 17/5m12.322s 18/5m10.374s 19/5m5.371s
2nd Tom Shuttleworth 17/5m8.015s 16/5m3.130s 17/5m0.280s
3rd Richard Kahuna 14/5m16.860s 17/5m9.465s 17/5m14.384s
4th Paul Van 15/5m5.630s 16/5m7.608s 17/5m15.131s
5th Moe Chevarie 18/5m14.498s 18/5m16.486s 16/5m4.208s
6th Curtis Nichols 17/5m12.647s 16/5m0.360s 16/5m5.909s
DNS Ricky Miller 18/5m17.990s 12/3m57.261s 0/0m0.000s
Outlaw EDM
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Adrian Catchings 44/5m1.066s 45/5m6.060s 45/5m6.037s 46/5m0.264s
2nd Lawrence Remick (TQ) 44/5m0.930s 38/4m36.765s 46/5m5.634s 46/5m4.897s
3rd Wayne Kaiser 44/5m6.497s 43/5m6.523s 45/5m4.030s 45/5m6.366s
4th Steven Frew 40/5m7.008s 42/5m2.059s 27/3m21.415s 23/3m19.764s
Slash 4wd
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Ricky Miller 17/5m9.329s 16/5m15.862s 18/4m59.537s 19/5m8.721s
2nd Tom Shuttleworth (TQ) 17/5m8.200s 19/5m15.990s 17/5m9.547s 18/5m6.681s
3rd Richard Kahuna 17/5m14.297s 18/5m12.626s 18/5m0.784s 17/5m9.922s
4th Lawrence Remick 17/5m5.656s 18/5m5.813s 18/5m3.963s 16/5m12.655s
Spec Oval
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Tom Cheek (TQ) 44/5m3.403s 40/5m2.780s 44/5m3.846s 43/5m0.951s
2nd Curtis Nichols 38/5m1.515s 38/5m1.164s 41/5m7.364s 38/5m0.119s
3rd Paul Van 40/5m4.674s 29/5m3.449s 39/5m6.825s 38/5m6.559s
4th Steven Frew 0/0m0.000s 41/5m0.374s 35/5m8.113s 37/5m3.081s
5th Shirley Anderson 32/5m2.282s 33/5m7.376s 36/5m2.681s 35/5m2.270s
6th Wayne Kaiser 42/5m2.897s 40/5m3.953s 40/5m7.277s 29/3m45.525s
DNS Tom Shuttleworth 42/5m0.802s 35/5m6.365s 40/5m6.681s 0/0m0.000s