Alycat Meet
Alycat - Meet Summary
Registered to Hobby Center Raceway, Killeen

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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Fastest Times of Day

4wd SC
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Don Mondrik 13.446
Earl Baxter 14.451
TC Coffman 14.653
Cole Charanza 15.869
Lawrence Remick 15.952
Joe Charanza 16.141
2wd SC Mod
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Mike McDougal 6.427
Troy Alford 6.585
Dustin Dean 6.721
Lawrence Remick 6.726
Curtis Nichols 6.797
Jason Bogard 6.889
Billy Bachmayer 7.267
Outlaw EDM
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Gage Fuller 1.49
Troy Alford 6.27
James Cates 6.365
Chris Fabian 6.457
Paul Van 6.466
Tom Cheek 6.51
Mike McDougal 6.575
John Femrite 6.643
Robert Kelm 6.65
TC Coffman 6.72
Jason Bogard 6.908
Troy Kettler 7.09
Sprint Car
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Chris Fabian 1.145
Earl Baxter 6.938
Billy Bachmayer 7.392
Curtis Nichols 7.608
Street Stock
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Jason Bogard 1.331
Caden Turner 5.861
Cole Charanza 7.077
Joe Charanza 7.149
Earl Baxter 7.178
Dustin Dean 7.205
Mike Lomazoff 7.206
TC Coffman 7.267
James Cates 7.282
John Femrite 7.3
Shawn Turner 7.742
Evan Coffman 7.988
Don Mondrik 7.992
Gage Fuller 8.002
4wd SC (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Cole Charanza 18/5m4.532s
Joe Charanza 17/5m0.322s
TC Coffman 17/5m0.456s
Earl Baxter 17/5m14.252s
Lawrence Remick 16/5m1.013s
Don Mondrik 14/5m10.748s
Evan Coffman 1/1m4.897s
2wd SC Mod (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Lawrence Remick 42/5m2.323s
Mike McDougal 42/5m4.684s
Troy Alford 42/5m6.854s
Dustin Dean 41/5m3.078s
Curtis Nichols 37/5m4.495s
Jason Bogard 36/5m1.231s
Billy Bachmayer 30/5m1.842s
Outlaw EDM (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Troy Alford 44/5m6.103s
Robert Kelm 43/5m3.745s
Tom Cheek 42/5m3.403s
TC Coffman 42/5m4.087s
James Cates 41/5m1.305s
Mike McDougal 41/5m3.560s
Chris Fabian 41/5m13.971s
Paul Van 40/5m6.049s
Gage Fuller 40/5m6.891s
Jason Bogard 38/5m5.319s
John Femrite 34/5m3.060s
Troy Kettler 28/4m32.154s
Sprint Car (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Chris Fabian 40/5m6.380s
Earl Baxter 38/5m5.398s
Billy Bachmayer 34/5m6.340s
Curtis Nichols 16/5m1.405s
Street Stock (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Cole Charanza 39/5m1.720s
James Cates 39/5m3.896s
Joe Charanza 38/5m2.140s
Dustin Dean 38/5m3.267s
Earl Baxter 37/5m1.500s
Mike Lomazoff 36/5m5.802s
Shawn Turner 35/5m0.352s
Caden Turner 35/5m4.447s
John Femrite 35/5m10.428s
Jason Bogard 34/5m4.933s
TC Coffman 31/5m0.229s
Don Mondrik 31/5m6.012s
Gage Fuller 28/5m0.180s
Evan Coffman 24/5m1.441s

Results of All Rounds
4wd SC
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Cole Charanza 17/5m11.665s 17/5m6.567s 15/5m12.337s 18/5m4.532s
2nd Joe Charanza 16/5m0.216s 17/5m8.306s 17/5m9.514s 17/5m0.322s
3rd Earl Baxter 14/5m4.353s 17/5m14.252s 16/5m9.946s 16/5m17.784s
4th TC Coffman (TQ) 15/5m4.028s 17/5m0.456s 16/5m16.238s 15/5m5.271s
5th Don Mondrik 14/5m10.748s 13/5m27.998s 12/5m11.217s 9/3m39.908s
DNS Evan Coffman 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 1/1m4.897s 0/0m0.000s (DPS=Disq)
DNS Lawrence Remick 16/5m1.013s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s
2wd SC Mod
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Lawrence Remick (TQ) 39/5m3.742s 42/5m2.323s 42/5m4.551s 40/5m6.752s
2nd Troy Alford 37/5m7.574s 42/5m6.854s 41/5m3.976s 39/5m2.140s
3rd Dustin Dean 36/5m2.024s 41/5m6.729s 41/5m3.078s 37/5m6.634s
4th Jason Bogard 33/5m8.820s 36/5m1.231s 30/4m20.119s 35/5m3.372s
5th Mike McDougal 16/2m20.295s 42/5m4.684s 42/5m5.680s 12/1m41.302s
DNS Billy Bachmayer 30/5m1.842s 1/0m10.863s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s
DNS Curtis Nichols 37/5m4.495s 2/0m19.554s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s
Outlaw EDM A
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Troy Alford 14/2m5.475s 40/5m0.081s 42/5m10.676s 44/5m6.103s
2nd Robert Kelm 37/5m4.597s 41/5m4.794s 37/5m3.131s 43/5m3.745s
3rd James Cates DNS 39/5m6.279s 40/5m14.648s 41/5m1.305s
4th Tom Cheek (TQ) 29/5m0.168s 42/5m3.403s 38/5m5.252s 39/5m6.997s
5th Chris Fabian 36/5m11.206s 41/5m13.971s 40/5m0.844s 20/2m54.369s
6th Mike McDougal 0/0m0.000s 41/5m3.560s 40/5m0.998s 5/0m35.782s
Outlaw EDM B
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st TC Coffman 35/5m6.928s 36/5m1.495s 40/5m0.377s 42/5m4.087s
2nd Paul Van 23/5m4.141s 33/5m2.398s 0/0m0.000s 40/5m6.049s
3rd Jason Bogard 28/5m7.918s 0/0m0.000s 31/5m4.416s 38/5m5.319s
4th Troy Kettler 3/1m20.933s 28/4m32.154s 26/4m41.381s 20/2m37.646s (DPS=Disq)
5th John Femrite 34/5m3.060s 31/4m27.064s 15/1m58.529s 10/1m27.447s
DNS Gage Fuller DNS 37/5m0.987s 40/5m6.891s 0/0m0.000s
Sprint Car
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Earl Baxter 33/5m8.155s 35/5m11.261s 38/5m5.398s 36/5m5.520s
2nd Chris Fabian (TQ) DNS 40/5m6.380s 0/0m0.000s 5/0m46.772s
3rd Billy Bachmayer 34/5m6.340s 33/5m4.736s 0/0m0.000s 1/0m15.456s
DNS Curtis Nichols 0/0m0.000s 16/5m1.405s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s
DNS Mike McDougal 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s
DNS Troy Alford DNS DNS 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s
Sprint Car DNQ
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 (Pts)**
1st Trot Alford 0/0m0.000s ??? 22/3m14.743s
Street Stock A
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Cole Charanza 35/5m8.165s 35/5m0.134s 37/5m0.801s 39/5m1.720s
2nd James Cates (TQ) DNS 36/5m4.391s 38/5m3.455s 39/5m3.896s
3rd Joe Charanza 32/5m1.680s 32/5m7.324s 36/5m5.842s 38/5m2.140s
4th Dustin Dean 31/5m1.463s 32/5m0.673s 34/5m5.352s 38/5m3.267s
5th Mike Lomazoff DNS 34/5m5.662s 9/1m18.060s 36/5m5.802s
6th Shawn Turner 22/5m14.814s 12/5m16.414s 34/5m7.963s 35/5m0.352s
7th Earl Baxter 33/5m2.923s 35/5m1.946s 37/5m1.500s 35/5m2.386s
8th John Femrite 26/5m7.843s 26/5m13.275s 35/5m10.428s 29/5m1.552s
Street Stock B
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Caden Turner 29/5m11.840s 26/5m9.001s 33/5m8.000s 35/5m4.447s
2nd Jason Bogard DNS 0/0m0.000s 33/5m6.569s 34/5m4.933s
3rd Don Mondrik 23/5m5.042s 25/5m5.937s 24/5m2.872s 31/5m6.012s
4th Evan Coffman 18/5m9.388s 17/5m27.462s 18/5m3.468s 24/5m1.441s (DPS=Disq)
5th TC Coffman 27/5m5.673s 31/5m3.408s 31/5m0.229s 17/2m40.635s
DNS Gage Fuller DNS 28/5m0.180s 18/2m36.763s 0/0m0.000s