Alycat Meet
Alycat - Meet Summary
Registered to Hobby Center Raceway, Killeen

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fastest Times of Day

2wd SC
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Geron Catchings 17.191
Moe Chevarie 17.707
John Femrite 17.931
Larry Femrite 18.919
Steve Whiting 19.042
Sprint Car
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Lawrence Remick 0.18
Steven Frew 6.342
Wayne Kaiser 6.449
Curtis Nichols 6.611
4wd SC
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Moe Chevarie 15.252
Mark Kasier 15.622
Adrian Catchings 15.634
Geron Catchings 16.014
Richard Kahuna 17.175
Eric Delos Santos 18.401
Jax 28.7
Outlaw EDM
Name ID# Fastest Lap
John Femrite 3.265
Steven Frew 3.613
Mark Kasier 6.09
Sean Brimhall 6.296
Curtis Nichols 6.333
Steve Whiting 6.376
Wayne Kaiser 6.494
Larry Femrite 6.575
Bob Hale 6.656
Spec Oval
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Tom Cheek 6.353
Wayne Kaiser 6.529
Lawrence Remick 6.592
Shirley Anderson 6.819
2wd SC (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Geron Catchings 17/5m4.154s
Moe Chevarie 17/5m13.070s
John Femrite 16/5m19.276s
Steve Whiting 15/5m10.939s
Larry Femrite 14/5m7.656s
Sprint Car (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Lawrence Remick 46/5m0.055s
Steven Frew 46/5m5.755s
Wayne Kaiser 45/5m5.774s
Curtis Nichols 8/1m1.283s
4wd SC (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Mark Kasier 19/5m8.487s
Adrian Catchings 19/5m13.312s
Geron Catchings 18/5m1.645s
Moe Chevarie 18/5m5.260s
Richard Kahuna 17/5m3.058s
Eric Delos Santos 15/5m16.510s
Jax 3/1m15.630s
Outlaw EDM (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Mark Kasier 46/5m1.317s
Sean Brimhall 45/5m4.844s
Curtis Nichols 44/5m1.024s
Steve Whiting 44/5m1.848s
Steven Frew 44/5m2.745s
Wayne Kaiser 44/5m4.604s
John Femrite 42/5m0.987s
Larry Femrite 42/5m6.840s
Bob Hale 39/5m0.481s
Spec Oval (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Tom Cheek 45/5m4.662s
Lawrence Remick 44/5m0.381s
Wayne Kaiser 44/5m3.793s
Shirley Anderson 42/5m2.596s

Results of All Rounds
2wd SC
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Moe Chevarie 17/5m13.070s 17/5m15.277s 7/2m54.941s 16/5m3.358s
2nd Geron Catchings (TQ) 17/5m16.061s 13/4m26.833s 17/5m4.154s 16/5m7.383s
3rd John Femrite 15/5m13.237s 15/5m15.771s 15/5m9.819s 16/5m19.276s
4th Steve Whiting 14/5m1.480s 14/5m1.082s 15/5m10.939s 14/5m17.313s
5th Larry Femrite 13/5m16.325s 11/4m11.217s 14/5m7.656s 12/5m7.847s
Sprint Car
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Lawrence Remick (TQ) 45/5m0.392s 46/5m1.688s 46/5m0.055s 46/5m3.818s
2nd Wayne Kaiser 44/5m5.723s 44/5m1.926s 45/5m5.774s 45/5m8.195s
3rd Steven Frew 43/5m6.210s 46/5m5.755s 45/5m1.620s 44/5m0.137s
DNS Curtis Nichols 8/1m1.283s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s
4wd SC
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Adrian Catchings 19/5m16.185s 18/5m3.818s 19/5m13.627s 19/5m13.312s
2nd Geron Catchings 17/5m0.637s 18/5m12.180s 13/3m42.378s 18/5m1.645s
3rd Mark Kasier (TQ) 18/5m5.925s 18/5m4.467s 19/5m8.487s 18/5m11.950s
4th Richard Kahuna 16/5m7.699s 8/5m12.111s 17/5m3.058s 17/5m11.075s
5th Moe Chevarie 18/5m5.260s 7/2m4.250s 15/5m6.977s 15/4m16.092s
6th Eric Delos Santos 13/5m22.051s 13/5m7.266s 14/5m0.295s 15/5m16.510s (DPS=Disq)
DNS Jax 3/1m15.630s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s
Outlaw EDM A
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Mark Kasier (TQ) 46/5m1.317s 32/3m59.246s 0/0m0.000s 46/5m7.061s
2nd Sean Brimhall 39/5m1.728s 44/5m3.684s 43/5m0.411s 45/5m4.844s
3rd Steve Whiting 43/5m3.458s 44/5m1.848s 44/5m2.697s 44/5m2.805s
4th Steven Frew 44/5m2.745s 15/2m4.910s 43/5m5.534s 39/4m46.968s
5th Curtis Nichols 44/5m1.024s 44/5m5.165s 20/2m43.223s 6/0m57.819s
Outlaw EDM B
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Wayne Kaiser 44/5m4.604s 43/5m4.538s 42/5m0.992s 42/5m2.265s
2nd John Femrite 42/5m0.987s 38/5m0.928s 40/5m5.287s 42/5m4.622s
3rd Larry Femrite 38/5m0.318s 35/5m0.878s 39/5m4.364s 42/5m6.840s
4th Bob Hale 39/5m0.481s 37/5m4.277s 38/5m0.870s 20/2m34.856s
Spec Oval
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Lawrence Remick 44/5m2.530s 44/5m4.896s 43/5m2.350s 44/5m0.381s
2nd Wayne Kaiser 44/5m4.997s 43/5m5.290s 44/5m3.793s 43/5m3.575s
3rd Tom Cheek (TQ) 44/5m3.726s 45/5m5.785s 45/5m4.662s 8/0m58.152s
4th Shirley Anderson 42/5m4.691s 42/5m2.596s 40/5m5.073s 3/0m22.045s