Alycat Meet
Alycat - Meet Summary
Registered to Hobby Center Raceway, Killeen

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fastest Times of Day

2wd SC
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Dustin Ault 15.004
Allen Canzonieri 15.108
Adrian Catchings 16.19
Chris Fabian 17.311
Barry Rochelle 17.857
Greg Camacho 18.748
Spec Oval
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Wayne Aycock 6.389
Steven Frew 6.403
Curtis Nichols 6.538
Wayne Kaiser 6.557
Shirley Anderson 7.022
4wd SC
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Chris Fabian 14.793
Tim Smiley 14.943
Daniel Grobe 15.443
Tony Chevarie 15.581
Dustin Menard 15.721
Lawrence Remick 15.942
Geron Catchings 16.147
Greg Camacho 16.631
Richard Kahuna 16.899
Outlaw EDM
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Adrian Catchings 2.49
Tom Cheek 6.024
Curtis Nichols 6.046
Tim Smiley 6.08
Steven Frew 6.183
Wayne Kaiser 6.261
2wd SC (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Adrian Catchings 18/5m12.617s
Chris Fabian 16/5m9.606s
Greg Camacho 15/5m14.606s
Barry Rochelle 15/5m16.585s
Dustin Ault 14/5m3.435s
Allen Canzonieri 13/5m18.983s
Spec Oval (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Steven Frew 45/5m5.678s
Wayne Kaiser 44/5m0.395s
Wayne Aycock 44/5m6.098s
Curtis Nichols 42/5m2.729s
Shirley Anderson 38/5m0.390s
4wd SC (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Tim Smiley 19/5m7.852s
Daniel Grobe 18/5m1.283s
Lawrence Remick 18/5m7.417s
Tony Chevarie 18/5m7.737s
Geron Catchings 17/5m2.107s
Dustin Menard 17/5m4.662s
Chris Fabian 16/5m1.523s
Richard Kahuna 16/5m2.498s
Greg Camacho 15/5m10.136s
Outlaw EDM (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Adrian Catchings 47/5m2.937s
Curtis Nichols 47/5m3.994s
Tim Smiley 47/5m4.780s
Wayne Kaiser 46/5m1.853s
Tom Cheek 46/5m4.618s
Steven Frew 43/5m6.122s

Results of All Rounds
2wd SC
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Adrian Catchings (TQ) 17/5m12.654s 17/5m8.387s 17/5m12.453s 18/5m12.617s
2nd Chris Fabian 16/5m9.606s 14/5m0.187s 15/5m3.176s 15/5m3.991s
3rd Greg Camacho 15/5m15.864s 15/5m14.606s 13/5m2.925s 15/5m20.833s
4th Barry Rochelle 15/5m18.167s 15/5m16.585s 14/5m9.503s 14/4m57.611s
5th Dustin Ault 0/0m0.000s 14/5m10.941s 5/1m54.548s 14/5m3.435s
6th Allen Canzonieri 13/5m18.983s 12/5m3.628s 6/3m12.840s 8/4m35.672s
Spec Oval
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Wayne Aycock 42/5m7.309s 44/5m6.098s 43/5m3.428s 43/5m3.655s
2nd Steven Frew (TQ) 24/5m7.396s 45/5m5.678s 44/5m6.565s 42/4m56.289s
3rd Wayne Kaiser 38/5m1.411s 44/5m0.395s 43/5m4.515s 42/5m2.615s
4th Curtis Nichols 41/5m5.399s 42/5m2.729s 41/5m2.982s 41/5m5.503s
5th Shirley Anderson 37/5m2.464s 38/5m6.887s 38/5m0.390s 38/5m3.254s
4wd SC
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Tim Smiley (TQ) 18/5m15.999s 17/4m57.152s 19/5m10.968s 19/5m7.852s
2nd Daniel Grobe 16/5m8.241s 17/5m3.931s 18/5m1.283s 18/5m1.973s
3rd Lawrence Remick 17/5m11.686s 17/5m0.858s 18/5m16.555s 18/5m7.417s
4th Tony Chevarie 18/5m7.737s 18/5m11.955s 16/5m0.909s 18/5m7.788s
5th Geron Catchings 16/5m0.281s 16/5m6.187s 17/5m2.107s 17/5m3.044s
6th Dustin Menard 15/5m14.347s 16/5m1.393s 16/5m3.079s 17/5m4.662s (DPS=Disq)
7th Richard Kahuna 14/5m13.304s 14/5m1.182s 15/5m1.968s 16/5m2.498s
8th Chris Fabian 15/5m3.152s 15/5m0.165s 16/5m1.523s 16/5m16.990s
9th Greg Camacho 13/5m6.610s 15/5m11.679s 15/5m10.136s 15/5m19.734s
Outlaw EDM
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main (Pts)**
1st Adrian Catchings 43/5m20.550s 45/5m3.221s 44/5m3.080s 47/5m2.937s
2nd Tim Smiley 43/5m0.656s 46/5m1.539s 47/5m4.780s 46/5m2.680s
3rd Tom Cheek 46/5m14.636s 46/5m4.618s 46/5m6.100s 44/5m4.985s
4th Wayne Kaiser 44/5m3.649s 46/5m1.853s 44/5m2.855s 41/5m5.753s
5th Curtis Nichols (TQ) 43/5m4.755s 47/5m3.994s 9/1m13.193s 38/4m19.296s
6th Steven Frew 42/5m4.453s 43/5m6.122s 42/5m5.422s 32/5m0.217s