Alycat Meet
Alycat - Meet Summary
Registered to Hobby Center Raceway, Killeen

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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Fastest Times of Day

2wd SC
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Matty Shuttleworth 12.298
Evan 12.341
Lili Shuttleworth 13.444
Bruce Blain 15.08
Cole Charanza 15.828
Joe Charanza 16.375
Larry Femrite 16.727
4wd SC
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Matty Shuttleworth 12.937
Cole Charanza 14.281
TC 14.482
Joe Charanza 14.628
Bruce Blain 17.69
2wd SC Mod
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Tom Shuttleworth 3.514
Adam Sippel 5.834
Mike McDougal 5.967
Lawrence Remick 6.362
Curtis Nichols 6.555
Sprint Car
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Mike McDougal 5.226
Curtis Nichols 6.213
Chris Fabian 6.231
Lawrence Remick 6.26
Wayne Kaiser 6.282
Adam Sippel 6.334
Outlaw EDM
Name ID# Fastest Lap
TC 4.952
Mike McDougal 6.05
Chris Fabian 6.263
John Femrite 6.27
Wayne Kaiser 6.384
Larry Femrite 6.931
Street Stock
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Tom Shuttleworth 6.719
Jeremy Campbell 6.742
TC 6.825
Wayne Kaiser 6.841
John Femrite 7.235
Bruce Blain 7.292
Matty Shuttleworth 7.409
Evan 8.717
2wd SC (6 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Cole Charanza 21/6m5.707s
Joe Charanza 20/6m8.103s
Matty Shuttleworth 18/6m4.536s
Larry Femrite 17/6m2.593s
Bruce Blain 15/6m4.468s
Lili Shuttleworth 15/6m8.015s
Evan 9/3m47.877s
4wd SC (6 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Cole Charanza 23/6m10.912s
Joe Charanza 22/6m6.848s
TC 21/6m12.256s
Matty Shuttleworth 19/5m51.966s
Bruce Blain 15/6m0.770s
2wd SC Mod (6 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Mike McDougal 56/6m4.640s
Adam Sippel 56/6m5.636s
Lawrence Remick 53/6m1.885s
Curtis Nichols 44/6m5.441s
Tom Shuttleworth 31/3m39.060s
Sprint Car (6 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Lawrence Remick 55/6m5.802s
Chris Fabian 54/6m3.631s
Wayne Kaiser 53/6m4.507s
Adam Sippel 50/6m2.164s
Mike McDougal 49/6m3.392s
Curtis Nichols 47/6m5.382s
Outlaw EDM (6 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Mike McDougal 54/6m0.354s
Chris Fabian 53/6m1.106s
John Femrite 50/6m4.035s
TC 49/6m0.228s
Wayne Kaiser 47/6m3.353s
Larry Femrite 40/6m9.459s
Street Stock (6 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Tom Shuttleworth 49/6m5.192s
Wayne Kaiser 47/6m3.529s
Jeremy Campbell 47/6m4.433s
John Femrite 40/6m6.827s
TC 38/6m0.522s
Matty Shuttleworth 35/6m8.469s
Bruce Blain 26/4m11.435s
Evan 8/5m38.952s

Results of All Rounds
2wd SC
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main (Pts)**
1st Cole Charanza (TQ) 16/5m10.233s 17/5m4.258s 21/6m5.707s
2nd Joe Charanza 17/5m12.711s 17/5m15.752s 20/6m8.103s
3rd Matty Shuttleworth 16/5m13.730s 15/5m7.442s 18/6m4.536s
4th Larry Femrite 14/5m11.451s 15/5m7.792s 17/6m2.593s
5th Bruce Blain 13/5m10.867s 6/2m32.827s 15/6m4.468s
6th Lili Shuttleworth 8/5m21.144s 9/4m59.825s 15/6m8.015s
7th Evan 0/0m0.000s 12/5m13.224s 9/3m47.877s (DPS=Disq)
4wd SC
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main (Pts)**
1st Cole Charanza 19/5m12.346s 7/1m58.009s 23/6m10.912s
2nd Joe Charanza (TQ) 19/5m3.115s 19/5m7.926s 22/6m6.848s
3rd TC 19/5m4.389s 19/5m14.035s 21/6m12.256s
4th Matty Shuttleworth 17/5m7.685s 17/5m12.875s 19/5m51.966s
5th Bruce Blain 14/5m13.921s 14/5m20.461s 15/6m0.770s
2wd SC Mod
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main (Pts)**
1st Mike McDougal (TQ) 45/5m5.765s 46/5m3.777s 56/6m4.640s
2nd Adam Sippel DNS DNS 56/6m5.636s
3rd Lawrence Remick 38/4m22.716s 8/4m14.754s 53/6m1.885s
4th Curtis Nichols 41/5m0.391s 34/4m4.686s 44/6m5.441s
5th Tom Shuttleworth 43/5m1.682s 43/5m3.349s 31/3m39.060s
Sprint Car
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main (Pts)**
1st Lawrence Remick 44/5m3.909s 45/5m2.654s 55/6m5.802s
2nd Chris Fabian 35/5m10.035s 40/4m26.398s 54/6m3.631s
3rd Wayne Kaiser 44/5m7.056s 44/5m4.437s 53/6m4.507s
4th Adam Sippel DNS DNS 50/6m2.164s
5th Mike McDougal 42/5m5.786s 45/5m0.595s 49/6m3.392s
6th Curtis Nichols (TQ) 39/5m6.614s 46/5m4.429s 47/6m5.382s
Outlaw EDM
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main (Pts)**
1st Mike McDougal (TQ) 8/0m56.155s 44/5m5.341s 54/6m0.354s
2nd Chris Fabian 43/5m2.778s 43/5m5.240s 53/6m1.106s
3rd John Femrite 39/5m7.226s 41/5m6.835s 50/6m4.035s
4th TC 40/5m5.786s 40/5m3.396s 49/6m0.228s
5th Wayne Kaiser 41/5m1.893s 40/5m5.780s 47/6m3.353s
6th Larry Femrite 33/5m6.114s 29/5m1.132s 40/6m9.459s
Street Stock
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Main (Pts)**
1st Tom Shuttleworth (TQ) 39/5m10.060s 41/5m5.751s 49/6m5.192s
2nd Wayne Kaiser 39/5m6.638s 38/5m6.426s 47/6m3.529s
3rd Jeremy Campbell 37/5m1.347s 39/5m1.903s 47/6m4.433s
4th John Femrite 19/4m53.094s 32/5m11.250s 40/6m6.827s
5th TC 36/5m3.722s 33/5m4.213s 38/6m0.522s
6th Matty Shuttleworth 29/5m3.425s 27/5m14.625s 35/6m8.469s
7th Bruce Blain 33/5m4.600s 34/5m5.889s 26/4m11.435s
8th Evan 14/5m1.523s 21/5m15.306s 8/5m38.952s (DPS=Disq)